70 Cool Coastal Beach Bathroom Makeover Ideas

60 cool coastal beach bathroom makeover ideas

When planning your beach-inspired bathroom, ask yourself what it is that really draws you to the ocean and what truly inspires you. Is it the salty air and the textured sand beneath your toes? Is it the amazing blue hues and the shimmering water on a bright sunny day? Or is it the aged driftwood and the peacefulness of the waves lapping the shore?

A round, natural-edged mirror, decorative seashells and other natural materials, and plush towels in warm natural tones will help soften hard surfaces and complete the look of your beach-inspired bathroom. Use inexpensive woven baskets to store spare towels and toiletries, and add subtle touches of greenery for a feeling of tranquility. Complete your coastal look with a timber bath stool and some scented candles.

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