80 Cozy Minimalist Bedroom Design Trends

27 cozy minimalist bedroom design trends

Your bedroom should feel like a personal sanctuary, so it’s not surprising many of us like to keep ours simple and clutter-free. And while minimalist-style bedrooms can sometimes come across as cold and empty.

When it comes to furnishing the minimalist bedroom, there’s one item that just about defines the style: a platform bed. This isn’t a decorating theme that works well with elaborate canopies, sleigh beds, four-posters or other more ornate styles of furniture. A simple platform frame, often in black — although other colors are equally attractive — topped with solid-color bedding is a hallmark of the minimalist bedroom.

You’ll also rarely find a large or elaborate headboard; frequently, there is no headboard at all. And in keeping with the style’s less-is-more feel, there shouldn’t be an abundance of throw pillows, shams or other bedding extras. A couple of toss pillows is enough.

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