75 DIY Rental Apartment Decorating Ideas

37 diy rental apartment decorating ideas

Decorating a rental home can often seem like a minefield of decisions, forcing you to weigh the financial risk and aesthetic payoff at every turn. How much time and money to invest in a temporary home? Which areas to focus on and which to learn to live with?

First things first- you should actually decorate your rental, even if it’s in small, temporary ways. The thing about renting is that you might be doing it for a while, and you often don’t know where you’ll be living next. Choosing versatile furniture pieces, rather than items which fit perfectly in your current space but might give you trouble down the line, is smart. Upgrading cabinet pulls in the kitchen or bathroom is a super-easy way of getting away from “builder basic” and adding your own personal style.

There’re 75 Easy and Creative Rental Apartment Decorating Ideas. Enjoyed!

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