80 DIY Floating Shelves for Living Room Decorating Ideas

67 diy floating shelves for living room decorating ideas

On the main wall in our living room, we added an easy DIY floating shelf with brackets. It was one of my favorite projects in our modern rustic living room makeover and is a major focal point in the room! This project was super easy and you only need one piece of wood and a set of brackets!

Floating shelves can be built in a myriad of different ways and with any lumber you can get your hands on, but if you’re buying blind shelf supports for each shelf, the amount of money spent can add up quickly. Enter: this inexpensive and rustic option for building floating shelves will materials you likely have on hand in your shop. This is a relatively simple project and it can be completed in an afternoon for less than $10 in materials.

There are simple parts of the process to making these floating shelves below.

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