70 Impressive Indoor Vertical Garden Decor Ideas

42 impressive indoor vertical garden decor ideas

Impressive Indoor Vertical Garden Decor Ideas
Want to grow a garden but have limited space? When you grow a garden vertically, the sky truly is the limit! There are many amazing, innovative ideas out there for vertical gardening using all types of materials. As long as you have sufficient light for plants to grow, you really can grow a garden in just about anything. And if you use recycled materials, you can often build your garden for free.

Gutters are an awesome way to grow food on a vertical surface. This setup was part of a mobile unit from Greensgrow Farm, installed on the side of a shipping container. The angles of the gutters allow the whole unit to be watered from the top. The water can trickle down through all the levels and into a container garden on the ground.
Using plastic bottles for gardening containers is gaining popularity big time. These bottles are plentiful and free, and they make some really cool vertical gardens.
Beautiful vertical container gardens can be made for dirt cheap with old coffee cans.

These are just a few of the many vertical garden ideas out there. With a little creativity, you can grow a gorgeous garden just about anywhere!

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