95 Small Courtyard Garden with Seating Area Design Ideas

73 small courtyard garden with seating area design ideas

Small Courtyard Garden with Seating Area Design Ideas
Did you only focus on the design of interior but ignore your courtyard? Courtyard is also very important that it is the first sight of your home for the visitors. Moreover, a well-designed courtyard can tell what an elegant lifestyle you are having! So whether your courtyard is large or small, you need to take a good design on your courtyard. Swimming pool, water fountain, as well as the garden, these are all essential for a fancy courtyard.

Courtyard Garden Rule
The first rule with small spaces is – don’t add too much. Filling up a courtyard with pots and containers will make it look like a storage room.
Don’t let the boundaries overwhelm the view. If the fences or walls are all completely different, the enclosed space won’t feel like a room.
Only put screening where it’s absolutely necessary.
Always put in comfortable seats. Unless you really like sitting on benches, try something a bit easier on the rear.
Track the sun to make sure your it reaches your sitting area, or opt for shade, if you’d rather stay cool.

Feel lacking ideas? Here we have all kinds of design ideas. You can find your favorite one. Enjoy!

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